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Member Directory

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Glen S. Davis, CPA, LLC

Glen Davis
Hackettsown, NJ
Phone: 973-398-3314
Email: gsdnyscpa@aol.com

Eric S. Degen, CPA, CGMA, LPBC, CMEC

Flanders, NJ 

Phone: (973) 601-3275

Email: edegen@TitanBDG.com

Site: www.TitanBDG.com

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Business coaching and consulting services provided as well.

Ethan Hundley, CPA

Hundley Advisors, LLC

Mt. Olive, NJ 

Phone: (973) 940-0175

Email: ethan@hundleyadvisors.com

Site: www.hundleyadvisors.com


Advertising & Marketing


Mainly Menus

Lisa Natoli
Landing, NJ
Phone: 973-398-3314
Email: advertising@mainlymenus.com
Web Site: www.MainlyMenus.com


Back-end Support Operations/BPO for Marketing Agencies & Businesses


World Internet Marketing Inc.

Nick Pappas
New Jersey
Phone: 973-252-0999
Email: npappas@world-inet.com
Web Site:https://www.world-inet.com/

Business Coaching (Licensed, Professional) 

TITAN Business Development Group, LLC

Flanders, NJ 
Phone: (973) 601-3275
Email: edegen@TitanBDG.com
Web Site: www.TitanBDG.com

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* Preferred pricing available to SBORE members.   

Accounting and consulting services provided as well.

Business Strategist/Consultant

Green Star Services

Mary Adelman
Budd Lake, NJ
Phone: 973-713-8786
Email: greenstarservices@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.GrowWithGreenStar.com

TITAN Business Development Group, LLC

Flanders, NJ 
Phone: (973) 601-3275
Email: edegen@TitanBDG.com
Web Site: www.TitanBDG.com

Video: (click here for video)* Preferred pricing available to SBORE members.   

Accounting ans coaching services provided as well.

Wilson Advisory Group

Specializes in employer-provided healthcare, employee retention and accounts payable solutions.

Steve Wilson and Angela Wilson
Succusunna, NJ 
Phone: 877-699-9994

Phone: 707-342-3537 (Angela)
Email: s.wilson@wilson-ag.coma.wilson@wilson-ag.com
Web Site: www.wilson-ag.com

Corporate Training, HR Consulting & Leadership Training

KHD Consulting International, LLC

Katarina Holm-DiDio
Summit, NJ
Email: Kat@khdinternational.net
Web Site: www.khdinternational.com

Small Business Advisement, Investigative Reporter-Journalist and Author

Sam Burlum Business Strategy & Consulting Services

Sam Burlum
Hewitt, NJ
Phone: 570-228-0775
Email: samburlum@gmail.com
Web Site: www.SamBurlum.com

Business Development Resources

NJSBDC of Northwest Jersey (Small Business Development Center)

Mary Adelman
Hackettstown, NJ 
Phone: 908-269-8475 ext. 2
Email: adelmanm@nw-njsbdc.com
Web Site: www.nw-njsbdc.com

Career Coaching

My Coaching Services

Janet Logan
Flanders, NJ

Phone: 973-876-8572
Email: janet@coachingservices.com
Web Site: www.mycoachingservices.com

Rich Paino Career Coach

Rich Paino
Flanders, NJ

Phone: 201-317-8488
Email: rich@RichPainoCareerCoach.com
Web Site: www.RichPainoCareerCoach.com

Career Counseling and Resume Writing

Custom Career Solutions

Julie Wyckoff
Sparta, NJ

Phone: 201-841-5781
Email: customcareersolutions@gmail.com
Web Site: www.customcareersolutions.com

Computer Repair

Scot Fixes PC’s

Scot Gerardi
Hackettstown, NJ

Phone: 908-852-4266
Email: scot@scotfixespcs.com
Web Site: www.scotfixespcs.com


Consumer Media Products

Open Range TV

Ron Guzenski
Long Valley, NJ

Phone: 908-251-4789
Email: openrangetv@gmail.com
Web Site: www.openrangetv.com

Energy Consultant

US Power Online, LLC

Alex Yaworsky
Rockaway, NJ

Phone: 973-627-5410
Email: ayaworsky@gmail.com
Web Site:  www.uspoweronline.com


Andre Stevens
Great Meadows, NJ

Phone: 602-909-3374
Email: astevens.mystream@gmail.com
Web Site: www.astevens.mystream.com

Financial Advisors / Financial Planning

International Planning Alliance

Christos Batsides
Shrewsbury, NJ

Phone: 908-448-7233
Email: Christos.Batsides@planningalliance.com
Web Site: planningalliance.com

Merrill Lynch

Thomas Arndt, CIMA
Bedminster, NJ

Phone: 908-719-6651
Email: thomas_arndt@ml.com
Web Site: www.fa.ml.com/new-jersey/bedminster/thomas-arndt

Merrill Lynch

Melissa Farfan
Bridgewater, NJ

Phone: 908-685-3285
Email: melissa.farfan@ml.com
Web Site: www.fa.ml.com/new-jersey/bridgewater/melissa-farfan

Fire Starters

Aflare, LLC

Emily Bittner
Wantage, NJ

Phone: 973-464-2789
Email: aflarefirestarters@gmail.com
Web Site: www.aflarellc.com

Gift Baskets

Simply Unique Baskets by R

Rosemarie Bohinek
Montague, NJ

Phone: 973-293-3962
Email: SmplyBst@aol.com
Web Site: www.simplyuniquebasketsbyr.com

Gift Memory DVD’s

Making Memories, LLC

Carl Kline
Kinnelon, NJ

Phone: 201-919-5408

Email: klinesspace@gmail.com

Web Site: www.mmyourstories.com

HR Consulting and Coaching

KDB Couture Consulting, LLC

K. Deneen Bennett
Hopatcong, NJ

Phone: 973-936-9321

Web Site: www.KDBCconsulting.com

Insurance - All Lines

Chadler Solutions

Matt McGill
Faiirfield, NJ

Phone: 201-247-2566
Email: mmcgill@chadlersoultions.com

Web Site: www.chadlersolutions.com

(Business/Residential, Property and Casualty)

Lynwood Financial Group

Silvia Baghici

Matawan, NJ

Phone: 347-526-6034

Email: silviab28@gmail.com

Website: www.lynwoodfinancialgroup.com


(Voluntary Insurance - Accident, Cancer, Critical illness, Life, Hospital, S/T Disability, Vision, Dental)


(Chuck) Charles Marti

Clinton, NJ

Phone: 973-879-3941

Email: charles.marti@us.aflac.com

Website: https://www.aflac.com


Andrea Massimo

Washington, NJ

Phone: 908-763-7367

Email: andrea_massimo@us.aflac.com

Website: https://www.aflac.com

(Life) Insurance / Annuities / Personal Financial Needs Analysis & Education


Al Citarella
Sparta, NJ

Phone: 973-534-2524
Email: acitarella@primerica.com

Web Site: www.primerica.com

Aldavida, LLC

Srividya Parthasarathy
Flanders, NJ

Phone: 908-887-1615
Email: srividya.parth@gmail.com

Web Site: pending

Life Coaching Services

Oak Tree Life Coaching

Randi Sokoloff
Sparta, NJ

Phone: 862-803-0013
Email: randiss414@gmail.com

Web Site: Pending

Management and Marketing Consulting

Sundragon Consulting

Damian DeSola
Flemington, New Jersey

Phone: 904-421-5346
Email: damian@sundragonconsulting.com

Web Site: www.sundragonconsulting.com​

Marketing, Advertising, & Public Relations

Generate Buzz, LLC

Sara Greenhouse
Boonton Township, NJ 
Phone: 973-769-5591
Email: sara@generatebuzz.net
Web Site: www.generatebuzz.net

Marketing Consultancy

Foresight Performance, LLC

Ellen Smolko
Hackettstown, NJ
Phone: 973-252-4541
Email: esmolko@foresightperformance.com

Website: www.foresightperformance.com

Mobile Apps


Prerna Sood
Chatham, NJ
Phone: 201-257-7546

Email: prerna@zinbucks.com | soodprerna9@gmail.com

Website: www.zinbucks.com

Networking, Sales, Career Academy (Training)

Turrisi & Associates, LLC

Al Turrisi
Long Valley, NJ
Phone: 908-472-3848
Email: aturrisi@turrisiassociates.com

Website: www.turrisassociates.com

Office Furniture

Business Environments, LLC

Alexandria Rodriguez
Parsippany, NJ
Phone: 973-335-7700
Email: arodriguez@befurniture.com

Website: www.befurniture.com​

(Custom) Painting

Sims Designs LLC

Allie Simeone
Wantage, NJ
Phone: 973-440-8102
Email: allie@simsdesignsllc.com

Website: www.simsdesignsllc.com

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Motion Matters, LLC

Lisa Frangione
Budd Lake, NJ
Phone: 973-937-8409
Email: lisa@motionmattersllc.com

Website: www.motionmattersllc.com

Petroleum Sales / HVAC

Hart & Iliff Fuel and Energy Systems

Charles Brand
Newton, NJ 
Phone: 973-383-1421
Email: cbrand@hartandiliff.com

Website: www.hartandiliff.com

Portrait and Event Photography

Maplecroft Studio, LLC

Diane Lizza
Newton, NJ 
Phone: 908-362-9546
Email: maplecroftdjl@embargmail.com

Website: www.maplecroftstudio.com


Brookside Quilting

Olga Pohl
New Jersey 
Phone: 973-997-7460
Email: info@brooksidequilting.com

Website: www.brooksidequilting.com

Real Estate - Commercial

Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT

JMichael Clayter
Morris Plains, NJ

Phone: 9736927171
Email: michael.clayter@cbmoves.com

Real Estate - Residential

Century 21 Christel Realty

Eileen Quiles-Beighley
Rockaway, NJ 
Phone: 973-224-3541
Email: nestfindernj@gmail.com

Website: www.nestfindernj.com

Clearview Realty

Eva Bonner
Branchville, NJ 
Phone: 973-460-4330
Email: eva@royalgray.com

Website: www.clearviewrealtynj.com


Sales Training


The Magic of Selling

Dan Hollis

Branchville, NJ 
Email: dan@themagicofselling.net

Website: www.themagicofselling.net




Kathy Ann O'Connor

PO Box 354
Hardyston, NJ 
Phone: 800-946-4390
Email: travel@sussexpressllc.com

Website: www.sussexpressllc.com


Tutoring (English and Foreign Languages)

The Teacher's Edge Tutoring, LLC

Patricia Voorhees
Hamburg, NJ 
Phone: 973-459-9586
Email: pvoorhees@teachersedgetutoring.com
Web Site: www.teachersedgetutoring.com

Web Development / SEO / Marketing

Your Cyber Partner 

Felicia Lucco

Budd Lake, NJ
Phone: 800-313-8510
Email: felicia@yourcyberpartner.com

Web Site: www.yourcyberpartner.com

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